Monday, October 1, 2012

Hair Rinse for Dandruff

So I'm almost out of the first batch.  Luckily I went to check on my garden last week and there's plenty of fresh parsley for the taking.  I don't know if my scalp feels less itchy than before.  Maybe I should have kept a closer tab on how many times per day I felt the need to itch my head before starting the treatment and compare that over the duration of using the product.
The bottles worked great.  I stored the liquid in the fridge until the previous bottle was gone and then I pulled another bottle out of the fridge.  The liquid has a cooling feeling to the scalp, which seemed distinct when the solution was fresh and then gradually declined as time progressed in the fridge.  It didn't seem to be correlated with shelf (non-refridgerated) time.  Just simply from the date the solution was prepared.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Parsley Antiseptic

Would you experiment on yourself?  This week I have started a new trial of hair treatment made from extracting (with boiling water) fresh parsley.  I simply poured boiling water from a kettle over this heap of parsley leaves.  After 30 minutes, when the liquid was at room temperature, I poured it into a measuring cup, and from the measuring cup, into these squeeze bottles.

If you have ever had itchy scalp, like I have, you will try anything!  I used to be called "snowflake" in middle school, either because I was a white girl in a predominantly African-American school or because my scalp was always flaking down out of my hair and on to my shoulders.  I tried using Denorex but my mom would get upset at me for using her product.  I've tried Head and Shoulders but I don't like the way it frizzes out my naturally wavy hair.

The only products I have ever noticed making a difference were (a) Paul Mitchell Tea Tree and (b) Burt's Bees Feelin Flaky Herbal Treatment Shampoo. I am trying this rinse since growing lots of parsley and reading in Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs (2003) and Jude's Herbal Home Remedies: Natural Health, Beauty & Home-Care Secrets (2002) about the bioactive properties of parsley extract.

Other than these, my hair regimen involves Orange Petalooza™ Natural Nourishing Shampoo (from the
güd line of Burt's Bees and Avalon Organics LAVENDER Nourishing Conditioner (both of which I found at Target).  Right now I am trying to reapply discipline of looking, smelling, and feeling great.  This includes botanical treatments, serums, creams, balms, screens, infusions, but no peels or cleanses~!

I'm keeping the extra bottles in the fridge and applying the rinse between the shampoo and conditioner, leaving it on for about a minute and washing it out.  It brings a cooling, tingly sensation, very pleasant on these hot summer mornings.  Right now it feels like my head is burning, but that's usually how I feel before I take a shower.  It's easy to apply if you have experience coloring your hair at home, I apply it using the squeeze bottle just like I used to do in Arizona as a redhead and I was a blonde for a short time in California.  Will keep you updated as this experiment progresses...

The questions are: What molecule(s) do these dandruff treatments have in common?  What are the unique constituents in each?  What molecule(s) are in a parsley leaf extract?  What are the causes of dandruff?  What is the mode of action of the active ingredients in these treatments?  

For more, see our section about Chemicals in Consumer Products at

Monday, August 13, 2012


The view from the top is spectacular!

Aiguille du midi cable car - Panoramic Mont-Blanc Gondola
I went to a dinner talk at a meeting (SMASH 2007) about  alpinism, which I gathered to mean "obsessed with mountains."  In the shadow of the Alps, I realized why mountain climbing is so revered when so many great peaks appear so near.  I've often thought that it's man's battle with nature that defines all the sports I respect.  When you see a wave, ride it, a channel, swim it, a mountain, climb it, a continent, bike it!

Skyride in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
I've been on some neat cable-cars besides the one above to Aiguille du Midi above Chamonix, France in the Alps.  I've been on the Skyride down Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Canada. We actually only took that one in the downward direction.  

In Colorado, I took a free Gondola ride during the Blues and Brews Festival.  Telluride and Mountain Village are connected by a scenic gondola. The 13-minute ride is part of residents' "commute."  I remember singing with a bunch of strangers.  Then again, maybe I was the only one singing.

The Sugar Pine Chair Lift from the "Top of the Notch" restaurant to Manker Flats Campground (where we were parked) saved my feet from getting totally shredded.  Hiking to the top of Mt. San Antonio (a.k.a. Old Baldy) was fine, but I gotta' admit I was running out of steam coming down.

Telluride, Colorado, United States
So lately, we've had a summer pass to the Palm Springs Tram, which I love because we've been hiking at altitude during these hot summer months in Southern California.  The thing I don't love about taking the tram to a trailhead, is that our dogs can't go with us.  

To get to the point of this post, we overheard a group of regulars on the tram discussing which peaks they've "done" and which they have left to do before they die.  We were there in town to celebrate the death of our friend, who passed away at the age of 35.  I couldn't help but think this group of people were addicted to training at low oxygen.  The mixed group of about 6 men and women were various adult ages and I wondered how many of them would exhaust their "bucket list" in their lifetimes. See also

What would cause someone to become hooked on climbing? We have a classic "adreneline junkie" who is an all-around thrill-seeker but is this something else?  Is there something different (biochemically) going on when your body is at low oxygen?  Is the life-span altered at altitude?  Should I do the Festival of Bikes in Idyllwild one weekend (Aug 17-19) and the Tour de Lake Arrowhead (Aug 24-25) the next?  Am I coming down with alpinism?

Monday, August 6, 2012

Glycemic Index

Glycemic index (GI) is essentially a measure of how a particular food compares to white bread or pure sugar. Starchy foods with a low GI are digested and absorbed more slowly than foods with a high GI. Factors that affect GI include cooking and food processing, as well as the presence of other components such as fat, protein, and dietary fiber.

For example, orange juice is relatively sugary and it has a glycemic index of 87.  Milk contains more fat and protein, and its glycemic index is 39. It is not practical to avoid ALL high GI foods. Some low GI foods may not always be a good choice because they are high in fat.

Jessica Herschberg for reports "black beans and other legumes are low glycemic index (GI) foods, meaning the carbohydrate in them is released slowly into the body. Low GI foods can help control blood sugar levels and may enhance performance because of their steady release of energy."

When I started exercising regularly, I had to moderate the glycemic index of foods I ate in order to maintain an energy balance.  High glycemic index foods (for me at least) were consumed by my body immediately, giving me a quick "sugar high" followed by a persistent and lethargic low.  Low glycemic index foods (for me) were a way to prolong the energy gained by each meal, where sugars were released slowly via fermentation in the colon rather than digestion in the small intestine. One such food is quinoa, with a GI of 53.  There are many things to do with quinoa if you are unfamiliar with it.

Other foods I like are (GI values from Searchable GI Database, University of Sydney):
Hummus, dip, glycemic index = 6
Lentils, red, dried, boiled, glycemic index = 21
Lentils, green, dried, boiled, glycemic index = 22-37
Barley, pearled, boiled 60 min, glycemic index = 35
Oatmeal, instant, whole-grain, glycemic index = 55
Brown Rice, Japonica, short-grain, glycemic index = 62

Preparation makes a difference! For example,
Carrots, raw, glycemic index = 16
Carrots, peeled, boiled, glycemic index = 33
Carrots, boiled and ground to a smooth paste, glycemic index = 60

From Atkinson, et al. 2008, average GI derived from multiple studies by different laboratories:
Spagetti, white, glycemic index = 49 + 2
Porridge, rolled oats, glycemic index = 55 + 2
Couscous, glycemic index = 65 + 4

You know what they say, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."
Apple, raw, glycemic index = 36 + 2
Dates, raw, glycemic index = 42 + 4
Orange, raw, glycemic index = 43 + 3
Banana, raw, glycemic index = 51 + 3

Not all vegetables are created equal, some are sweeter than others!
Sweet corn, glycemic index = 52 + 5
Sweet potato, boiled, glycemic index = 63 + 6
Pumpkin, boiled, glycemic index = 64 + 7
Potato, boiled, glycemic index = 78 + 4

Snacking is great, but healthy eating is better.
Kidney beans, glycemic index = 24 + 4
Potato crisps, glycemic index = 56 + 3
Popcorn, glycemic index = 65 + 5
Rice crackers, glycemic index = 87 + 2

Best Foods For Runners,7120,s6-242-301--10200-3-1X2X3X4X6X7-7,00.html
Oranges, Black Beans, Mixed Greens, Salmon, Whole-grain Bread, Frozen Vegetables, Whole-grain Pasta, Chicken, Frozen Mixed Berries, Dark Chocolate, Low-fat Yogurt, Sweet Potatoes

Best Foods for Cyclists
Try to choose lower glycemic index carbs for one of your high carb days and higher glycemic foods on the other. Lower glycemic index carbohydrates have been shown to be better choices for weight reduction than high glycemic carbs, according to a study published in March 2007 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Blog for another day: Dietary Fiber!  Separate blog for another day: antioxidant and prooxidant effects of BPA.

Works Cited
Searchable Glycemic Index Database, University of Sydney
Harvard School of Public Health,
Foster-Powell K, Holt SH, Brand-Miller JC. "International table of glycemic index and glycemic load values: 2002." American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. Vol 76, Pages 5-56.
Atkinson, FS, Foster-Powell, K, Brand-Miller, JC. "International Tables of Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Values: 2008" Diabetes Care. Vol 31, Pages 2281-2283.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

shoe review

Zoom Nucleus MC+
Type: Shoes
Brand: Nike 
Expire Distance: 300.0 mi
Total Distance: 267.2 mi

I took these shoes to San Diego to visit my sister last month and she was like, "what's up with those shoes?"  She said something like, "they used to be white, right?"  Yes, they are no longer pristine but they carry many happy memories.  These are the shoes that took me around San Diego when we lived in La Jolla and I was running half-marathon distances for fun.  These shoes have transported me through a number of races (see below) faithfully.

I asked my husband what he was going to buy me for my birthday and I told him that what I really wanted was a new pair of running shoes.  I told my sister that I was using a website to track the mileage on the shoes and I wouldn't retire them until they had actually carried me for 300 miles.  As you can see, we are almost there!  These shoes were left at my BFF's wedding in Wisconsin and returned to me in a wrapped package (thanks Cheri!).

I will never forget the day I was running by myself and fell down on the sidewalk only to find a grapefruit there fallen from a tree.  I walked the remainder of the run and ate the grapefruit when I got back home.  I will never forget moving from La Jolla to Glendale, just my husband and I carrying everything down a flight of stairs and into the moving truck.  Those shoes always humbled me, kept me in contact with the ground, yet propelled me into flight.  I've been debating switching to the "barefoot" shoe, but I think I might purchase another pair of Zoom Nuclei.  It doesn't hurt that the name sounds scientific.

Show Size
Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal
Corona Del Mar Scenic 5k 2012CA6/2/12134672120913:0440:38
Glendale Downtown Dash 2012CA3/11/12221273879:1228:36
34th Annual Mission Inn Run 2011 - Run-10KCA11/13/113218940010:501:07:21
Corona del Mar Scenic 5K 2011 - 5K Mens RaceCA6/4/114320177611:2635:33
LA County Holiday Half Marathon 2010 - Run Half MarathonCA12/12/1047452157511:092:26:10
Citrus Heritage 5K & 10K Run 2010 - Run 10KCA10/10/1043911910:251:04:44
Riverside Raincross 5k Run/walk At Historic Fairmount Park 2010CA2/20/10827948:3126:29
32nd Annual Mission Inn Run 2009 - RUN-5KCA11/8/095246295412:0837:43
Citrus Heritage Run Riverside 2009 - RUN 5KCA9/26/09105310412:0337:28
Corona Del Mar 28Th Annual Scenic 5K - Run -5K (8:20am Start)CA6/6/0912064769014:0543:48
Run Through Redlands 2009 - Run-Half-MarathonCA4/19/093316746812:512:48:30
Riverside Raincross 5K 2009CA2/21/092110723910:5834:05

Sunday, July 8, 2012

goals Sunday, August 19, 2012 Sunday, October 7, 2012 Saturday, November 3, 2012 COMPLETED!  See for race report. Sunday, November 11, 2012 Sunday, December 9, 2012 Saturday, January 7, 2013 SOLD OUT! Sunday, January 20, 2013
Never Land Family Fun Run 5K
THE COLOR RUN LOS ANGELES Saturday, February 2, 2013
Riverside Raincross 5K Feb 23, 2013 7:00AM

Glendale News-Press Downtown Dash: Sunday, March 10, 2013 7:00 AM COMPLETED! See race report here

A Run Through Redlands: Sunday, April 21, 2013 6:15 AM

La Jolla Half Marathon Sunday, April 28, 2013 7:30 AM Del Mar to La Jolla Starts at the Del Mar Fairgrounds - Finishes at La Jolla Cove

Run the Verdugos Sunday, May 5, 2013 8:00 AM COMPLETED! average grade of 9.5%, starts uphill elev. 925', climbs 3.3 miles to elev. 2,670', out and back. See race report here

Corona del Mar Scenic 5k, COMPLETED!

It's all about the attempt.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

corona del mar scenic 5K race report

The weather was GREAT, cool and cloudy with a breeze.  We ran the whole race at a comfortable pace.

Place 684
DivP 184 
SexP 184 
Name Kayla Kaiser
Location Glendale 
NetTime 40:38 
Pace 13:04 
GunTime 41:08 
Bib 309

This was my second race of the year.  The first race of the year was the Glendale Downtown Dash, which I ran alone after not getting a good night's sleep.  I ran faster (9:12 min / mile) in that race but I had to walk towards the end.  And there are no pictures of it, not to mention I am still confused as to the layout of the course, which snaked around downtown Glendale (as you could probably guess from the name of the race).

This race, the Scenic 5K, was totally different, we ran it as a family and went to bed early the night before.  My summer training plan (which started in January 2012) went a little something like this...


I would have posted it sooner, but I created it on our home computer, which promptly contracted a virus and caused us to reformat the whole thing.  The documents had been backed up within the last month but we still lost a few files.  Luckily I printed the training schedule out and posted it on our kitchen marker/magnet board next to a picture of my cousin (for inspiration).  Soon to join him was Mary Metcalf-Collier, another GRRRRRL that inspires me to train.

Anyway, the Downtown Dash fit in 11-March so you can see that I did not exceed the 10% rule.  I considered running the Verdugo Mountains 10K on the week of 6-May, the Pasadena 10K on the week of 20-May, and half-marathons by now (Simi Valley Arroyo Creek Half, 24-June) but I haven't been running with the schedule.  I sprained my calf at 19-Mar and took a break from most activities while that healed properly.  I guess you could say I started over at the beginning on May Day (May 1st)

During the race is when we planned my juice cleanse, I asked Nurse Sally (my MIL) what she did for years as a runner and mother of 3 to stay fit and healthy.  She recommended the tops of beets and eggplant.  Her drink was called "Swamp Juice" and was not the most tasty concoction.  She also recalled that during the course of training for marathons, she was running 50-60 miles per week.  If one long run is executed on the weekend, of an ~18 mile distance, that leaves 32 miles to run on the other 6 days (nearly a 10K every day). I'm not sure I see myself EVER doing that, but who knows?  You can see that my training schedule only has a max distance per run but not a # of miles per week to attain that distance in a single day.

So... with all that said, I can say I'm happy with the cdm5k result.  I was not in any pain and quite enjoyed myself.  What's next, you might ask, well that will have to be the topic of another post... suggestions?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

mean green day #10

I think I've reached the end of this juice cleanse/fast/detox.  I can't say I've followed the program to the letter but I have added something to my daily routine that wasn't there before (juice) and taken a few things out that were not-so-healthy (tobacco, alcohol and caffeine).

I don't know if that back pain was my nervous system purging itself or a true inflammation.  I thought the chamomile tea would sufficiently (naturally) reduce inflammation, but it wasn't powerful enough.  I definitely didn't lose any weight, in fact I gained some, but truth being that I didn't stop eating.  Today I weigh 145.0 lbs.

In the interests of full disclosure, yesterday I ate a handful of almonds and a large bowl of oats, peanuts, and dried fruit smothered in whole milk yogurt for an afternoon snack.  It was so filling that I didn't eat dinner until late in the evening (~8:30pm) when we had soup & salad buffet at Marie Callender's.  The soup of the day was mean and green (pea soup), though it contained a lot of ham.

This morning's juice is a motley concoction of whatever veggies were left: three handfuls of baby greens, almost a whole bunch of celery, 4 beets (with some of the tops), a small head of red lettuce, and a peeled lemon.  Probably I should have added strawberries for flavor, it pretty much tastes like dirt even though I scrubbed everything clean before juicing it.  I will say that I'd rather drink fresh juice than take a multivitamin.  But I will probably go back to eating raw fruits and veggies as much as possible, taking dairy for calcium and fat, and eating nuts and beans for protein.  I will also try to keep up with the fish routine, and keep eggs in the diet since both of those seemed to provide essential macronutrients that the juice alone could not deliver.  I've tried to stop eating red meat, but the beef jerky was my downfall.  It left me feeling bloated both days I ate it.  So no cured meats, I cannot forsake all red meat since dear husband brings home lamb and beef ribs almost weekly for a grilled feast and I cannot say no to that!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

mean green day #9

This morning's juice was made of Farmer's Market goodness that dear husband picked up this weekend while I was out of town; three handfuls of baby greens and a basket of strawberries!  From Whole Foods were added two stalks of celery, two green apples, a peeled lemon, and ginger.

Last night, I made broiled Tilapia with bell peppers and garlic with brown rice on the side.  It was drenched in olive oil and smothered in butter and seasoned with dried oregano, parsley, and basil.  For lunch I just ate a raisin-bran muffin, a string cheese, and drank a protein shake.  I still feel hungry.

Reading the wikipedia stub on juice fasting made me think twice.  It stated that a common problem with these programs is a lack of dietary fiber.  I can agree, when I clean out my juicer I am throwing a lot of that in the trash.  I guess I should have started composting!

Other articles too highlight the dangers of juice diets.

One of the things I read before starting this 10-day juice program was
It was humorous and probably the reason why I kept a blog about it myself.  So thanks Rory!

Monday, June 11, 2012

mean green day #8

Today was a good day, but perhaps not a green one.  Not having time to visit the store to properly acquire a cache of Kale, I left the house for work with a raisin-bran muffin in hand and a chamomile tea.

Lunch was brief, I ate what happened to be in my office: a green apple, a protein shake, and a string cheese.  I forgot to drink water so by the time I left campus I was parched.

After stopping by the student garden to water my babies, I rolled over to Juice it up! for a 32 oz Rejuvinator.  After drinking 2/3 of that, I felt much more relaxed and back on track with my juice program.

Truth: morning weight 146.5 lbs. evening weight 148.5. Also my back does not hurt. Is that because (a) I did less driving than usual this weekend, (b) I stopped drinking homemade mean green, or (c) I took enough anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the nerve root compression?

Sunday, June 10, 2012

mean green day #7

Today I had two small green apples for breakfast and a cup of trail mix for lunch (peanuts and dried fruit).  I also ate a See's Candy lollipop (butterscotch).  While driving back to LA from San Diego I ate an entire package of beef jerky : /  but on the green side, I found a cute little 10 oz Naked Juice in green machine.

For dinner I ate a side salad at Outback steakhouse (and half a loaf of their complimentary bread spread with butter) and a few bites of Bloomin' Onion.  At the movies, I ate a bunch of popcorn and tried to eat some Junior Mints then started hacking and couldn't breathe.  Maybe my body was trying to tell me to stop eating the damn candy.  So I took a couple sips of Pepsi.

During the drive, seeing all the fast food restaraunts and places to stop for "convenience" food, it's no wonder we are so out of shape and undernourished.  (not underfed but lacking nutrients)  Why aren't there more corner stands with a farmer and some produce?

Truth:  Yesterday I ate lunch at and although we had salad, we also had a lamb Döner Kebab.  For dinner we ate at Rock Bottom Brewery, I had a chicken tortilla soup and a large salad.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

mean green day #6

Just finished drinking another "Green Machine" Naked juice for today's installment of micronutrients.  Slept better last night than the one before.  Back still hurts, despite lots of love and well wishes and advice from friends and family.

Truth: Last night, I ordered a chicken Caesar salad via room service and ate every last bite (including the side of bread and butter, oops).  This morning, I ate three pieces of fruit for breakfast (good) and had a "Chewy" granola bar with chocolate chips as a snack (bad).  Hoping we are heading out to lunch now...

Friday, June 8, 2012


As I said before, this juice thing has left me craving eggs and fish.  Today, I've eaten 3 pieces of fruit, two packages of nuts, one Green Machine juice (Naked), and we had brunch at the "Broken Yolk" which screamed at me like a terrified hen as we strolled around the gaslamp district looking for a brunch spot.  I got the huevos rancheros with corn tortillas, and refried beans on the side.  The salsa and guacamole was topping two sunny-side up eggs atop a corn tortilla.  It totally hit the spot.  But I'm hungry again now, so off I will go in search of JUICE!

mean green day #5

This moring I woke up in a hotel in downtown San Diego, without my Juiceman II.  I went for a workout and found a couple pieces of fruit in the fitness room.  I'm heading down to the convenience store in the hotel to grab a Naked Juice.  I'll see what they have, but most of them seem pretty light on nutrition compared with the juiced Kale.  But at least they don't have celery.

Truth: Yesterday I only had 1 juice.  My back was hurting so bad, I thought maybe I should take a break from the celery (in case it is the reason for my nerves being over-stimulated).  I ate 2 potato (fried corn shell) tacos for lunch with a raisin-bran muffin on the road while driving down to San Diego.  Also I ate a mini Clif bar (crunchy peanut butter).  Also, when I got here, I took 2 Aleve.  We went out for Sushi for dinner and I even ate dessert (fried peanut butter & jelly sandwich with ice cream).  I took 2 more Aleve this morning before my workout.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


This morning I made the Mean Green according to the original recipe.  I set out 4 strawberries and a container of blueberries, but they wouldn't fit in my to-go container that I took my juice to work with, so I left them out.  Also, I left out 1/4 of the apples.  Too much juice!

So it's Day #4 of my juice experiment.  My back hurts worse than ever, on the drive in to work this morning, I actually pressed against my legs, hoping to lengthen my back and stop the pain.  That reminds me, I should take some ibuprofen and put on my back brace.  It is horrible.  If I'm doing a detox, then shouldn't I not take medication?  I got up in the middle of the night to do some stretching and found my hamstrings, back and calves tighter than ever.  I did the foam roller for about 20 minutes and that relieved me enough to go back to bed.  When I woke up before my alarm went off, I laid in a chair with my little doggie Edna for some pet-therapy to ease the pain naturally.  Also, I heard that chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties, maybe I ought to drink more of that?  Maybe I should decrease the celery, since I heard it is activating for the nerves.  For sure this can't last...

Truth: 143.0 lbs

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

fish & juice

Made mean green according to recipe except used 6 celery stalks instead of 4.  Split it with husb again.  Served it for dinner with broiled tilapia together with 3 sliced bell peppers (one home-grown) and a head of garlic cloves (peeled) sprinkled with dried oregano and Penzy's old world seasoning.  Drizzled with olive oil and each fish fillet (4) went into the oven with a pad of butter atop.  Super sweet dinner, served with basmati rice.

Tried doing yoga and stretching to ease back pain but still feeling it, hard to sit still.  Did some gardening at home and raked the front yard, in addition to making dinner.  Still hurtz.

photos here

Rejuvenator @ Juice it up!


Apple, carrot, beet, cucumber, ginger.  From Juice it up! in Upland, CA again.

After drinking half of this (20 oz, no ice) I did some gardening at CMC student garden.  It was the only time all day my back stopped hurting.  Then I got in my car and drove home, drank the other half of the juice diluted with water, and cringed as my back started hurting again.

Stopped at Whole Foods on the way home to get more supplies for tonight's and tomorrow morning's mean green.  Yumsville!  Also got some frozen Tilapia fillets for dinner tonight.  Now that I'm drinking juice, I can let my body decide what else it needs and it seems to be animal protein.  I'm craving cheese, eggs, fish, and yogurt.  For some reason, my body seems to be resisting 100% plants.  Also, I am taking in nuts 1 x per day.

mean green day #3

This morning husb wanted in on the mean green action again, so I added about 12 strawberries to the mix along with using red kale.  The color was fascinating and the drink was sweet since I used the second celery heart.

Truth: Yesterday in addition to juicing, I ate 1 small bag of granola for breakfast, a tin of stuffed grape leaves for lunch, and a half of a Khachapuri for dinner.  Maybe I feel like I need protein.  Or I can't help chewing.

Also, I am drinking home-grown chamomile tea instead of coffee.  I am yawning a lot more but stressing a lot less.  And even though I got a massage on Monday, my back is killing me.  It's either the nerves that connect to my legs or my kidneys.  I tried using the foam roller yesterday, but I'm still in pain today.  Perhaps this calls for a regimen of planks.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

garlic & peppers

Made a batch of juice for my dear husband with baby greens instead of kale, 6 stalks of celery, 1 cucumber, 2 bell peppers (orange & red), 1 small lemon, 6 cloves garlic, and a bit of ginger root.  It's very potent and tangy.


Now drinking modified mean green: Kale, celery, 1 tomato (instead of cucumber and apples), 1 sm. lemon, 1 thumb of ginger.  It's funny, I smell like celery now...

mean green day #2

This morning I made the mean green according to the recipe except I used a whole lemon because the bag I got at Whole Foods had petite lemons.  But they said they were local.  The cucumber is from Mexico, I guess they haven't ripened in CA yet.  Also, I used some ginger but not a whole lot, maybe about the volume of my thumb.  This batch is a lot tastier than the one I made last night.  Strangely enough I'm not sick of drinking juice, actually I am thinking about the possibilities.

Weigh in: 144.5 lbs.
Truth: yesterday in addition to juice, I ate a breakfast burrito (eggs, cheese, potato, salsa, tortilla) half for breakfast and half for lunch.  I ate a handful of nuts and some granola (with yogurt and chocolate chips) for dinner.  And half a package of teriyaki beef jerky (0.5 oz).

Monday, June 4, 2012

Lacinato Kale

I wanted to post last night but for some reason I didn't.  I made the mean green with a bunch of organic Lacinato Kale (from Bakersfield, CA) that I got at Whole Foods.  I left out the ginger.  I got a pain in my lower abdomen last night around 2am and got out of bed to sleep in the La-Z-Boy.  By 4am the pain had subsided and I went back to bed.

detoxifier @ juice it up

Red grapes, lemon, cucumber, parsley, spinach, ginger.  $6+ for 20 oz. served over ice.

Juice It Up!
1013 W. Foothill Blvd
Upland, CA 91786
ph: 909-946-5700

mean green day #1

Today I used half of a pre-washed baby greens mix instead of 1 bunch of kale, also I used about 7 celery stalks instead of 4 because I forgot the cucumber.  I added only one granny smith apple, because the ones we got from the market yesterday were oversized.  I had to cut it into 9 pieces to get them to fit in the juicer.  I used half of a (peeled) lemon and a (peeled) ginger root.  I didn't know how much ginger to put in there but I'd guess it was about the size of two of my fingers.  The juice really zings in my mouth, kind of like sparkling but it tastes full of minerals.  I really wish I was eating Kale that I knew where it was grown, I have heard it bioaccumulates all kinds of things, including toxins.  The juice from all this fit inside one large beer mug and it isn't hard to drink, despite its mean green color.

The original recipe for this juice can be found here