Monday, October 1, 2012

Hair Rinse for Dandruff

So I'm almost out of the first batch.  Luckily I went to check on my garden last week and there's plenty of fresh parsley for the taking.  I don't know if my scalp feels less itchy than before.  Maybe I should have kept a closer tab on how many times per day I felt the need to itch my head before starting the treatment and compare that over the duration of using the product.
The bottles worked great.  I stored the liquid in the fridge until the previous bottle was gone and then I pulled another bottle out of the fridge.  The liquid has a cooling feeling to the scalp, which seemed distinct when the solution was fresh and then gradually declined as time progressed in the fridge.  It didn't seem to be correlated with shelf (non-refridgerated) time.  Just simply from the date the solution was prepared.

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