Monday, June 11, 2012

mean green day #8

Today was a good day, but perhaps not a green one.  Not having time to visit the store to properly acquire a cache of Kale, I left the house for work with a raisin-bran muffin in hand and a chamomile tea.

Lunch was brief, I ate what happened to be in my office: a green apple, a protein shake, and a string cheese.  I forgot to drink water so by the time I left campus I was parched.

After stopping by the student garden to water my babies, I rolled over to Juice it up! for a 32 oz Rejuvinator.  After drinking 2/3 of that, I felt much more relaxed and back on track with my juice program.

Truth: morning weight 146.5 lbs. evening weight 148.5. Also my back does not hurt. Is that because (a) I did less driving than usual this weekend, (b) I stopped drinking homemade mean green, or (c) I took enough anti-inflammatory medication to reduce the nerve root compression?

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