Wednesday, June 6, 2012

mean green day #3

This morning husb wanted in on the mean green action again, so I added about 12 strawberries to the mix along with using red kale.  The color was fascinating and the drink was sweet since I used the second celery heart.

Truth: Yesterday in addition to juicing, I ate 1 small bag of granola for breakfast, a tin of stuffed grape leaves for lunch, and a half of a Khachapuri for dinner.  Maybe I feel like I need protein.  Or I can't help chewing.

Also, I am drinking home-grown chamomile tea instead of coffee.  I am yawning a lot more but stressing a lot less.  And even though I got a massage on Monday, my back is killing me.  It's either the nerves that connect to my legs or my kidneys.  I tried using the foam roller yesterday, but I'm still in pain today.  Perhaps this calls for a regimen of planks.

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