Tuesday, June 5, 2012

mean green day #2

This morning I made the mean green according to the recipe except I used a whole lemon because the bag I got at Whole Foods had petite lemons.  But they said they were local.  The cucumber is from Mexico, I guess they haven't ripened in CA yet.  Also, I used some ginger but not a whole lot, maybe about the volume of my thumb.  This batch is a lot tastier than the one I made last night.  Strangely enough I'm not sick of drinking juice, actually I am thinking about the possibilities.

Weigh in: 144.5 lbs.
Truth: yesterday in addition to juice, I ate a breakfast burrito (eggs, cheese, potato, salsa, tortilla) half for breakfast and half for lunch.  I ate a handful of nuts and some granola (with yogurt and chocolate chips) for dinner.  And half a package of teriyaki beef jerky (0.5 oz).

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