Sunday, June 10, 2012

mean green day #7

Today I had two small green apples for breakfast and a cup of trail mix for lunch (peanuts and dried fruit).  I also ate a See's Candy lollipop (butterscotch).  While driving back to LA from San Diego I ate an entire package of beef jerky : /  but on the green side, I found a cute little 10 oz Naked Juice in green machine.

For dinner I ate a side salad at Outback steakhouse (and half a loaf of their complimentary bread spread with butter) and a few bites of Bloomin' Onion.  At the movies, I ate a bunch of popcorn and tried to eat some Junior Mints then started hacking and couldn't breathe.  Maybe my body was trying to tell me to stop eating the damn candy.  So I took a couple sips of Pepsi.

During the drive, seeing all the fast food restaraunts and places to stop for "convenience" food, it's no wonder we are so out of shape and undernourished.  (not underfed but lacking nutrients)  Why aren't there more corner stands with a farmer and some produce?

Truth:  Yesterday I ate lunch at and although we had salad, we also had a lamb Döner Kebab.  For dinner we ate at Rock Bottom Brewery, I had a chicken tortilla soup and a large salad.

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