Monday, June 4, 2012

mean green day #1

Today I used half of a pre-washed baby greens mix instead of 1 bunch of kale, also I used about 7 celery stalks instead of 4 because I forgot the cucumber.  I added only one granny smith apple, because the ones we got from the market yesterday were oversized.  I had to cut it into 9 pieces to get them to fit in the juicer.  I used half of a (peeled) lemon and a (peeled) ginger root.  I didn't know how much ginger to put in there but I'd guess it was about the size of two of my fingers.  The juice really zings in my mouth, kind of like sparkling but it tastes full of minerals.  I really wish I was eating Kale that I knew where it was grown, I have heard it bioaccumulates all kinds of things, including toxins.  The juice from all this fit inside one large beer mug and it isn't hard to drink, despite its mean green color.

The original recipe for this juice can be found here

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