Wednesday, July 11, 2012

shoe review

Zoom Nucleus MC+
Type: Shoes
Brand: Nike 
Expire Distance: 300.0 mi
Total Distance: 267.2 mi

I took these shoes to San Diego to visit my sister last month and she was like, "what's up with those shoes?"  She said something like, "they used to be white, right?"  Yes, they are no longer pristine but they carry many happy memories.  These are the shoes that took me around San Diego when we lived in La Jolla and I was running half-marathon distances for fun.  These shoes have transported me through a number of races (see below) faithfully.

I asked my husband what he was going to buy me for my birthday and I told him that what I really wanted was a new pair of running shoes.  I told my sister that I was using a website to track the mileage on the shoes and I wouldn't retire them until they had actually carried me for 300 miles.  As you can see, we are almost there!  These shoes were left at my BFF's wedding in Wisconsin and returned to me in a wrapped package (thanks Cheri!).

I will never forget the day I was running by myself and fell down on the sidewalk only to find a grapefruit there fallen from a tree.  I walked the remainder of the run and ate the grapefruit when I got back home.  I will never forget moving from La Jolla to Glendale, just my husband and I carrying everything down a flight of stairs and into the moving truck.  Those shoes always humbled me, kept me in contact with the ground, yet propelled me into flight.  I've been debating switching to the "barefoot" shoe, but I think I might purchase another pair of Zoom Nuclei.  It doesn't hurt that the name sounds scientific.

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Event Name & CourseStateDatePlc APlc GPlc OPaceFinal
Corona Del Mar Scenic 5k 2012CA6/2/12134672120913:0440:38
Glendale Downtown Dash 2012CA3/11/12221273879:1228:36
34th Annual Mission Inn Run 2011 - Run-10KCA11/13/113218940010:501:07:21
Corona del Mar Scenic 5K 2011 - 5K Mens RaceCA6/4/114320177611:2635:33
LA County Holiday Half Marathon 2010 - Run Half MarathonCA12/12/1047452157511:092:26:10
Citrus Heritage 5K & 10K Run 2010 - Run 10KCA10/10/1043911910:251:04:44
Riverside Raincross 5k Run/walk At Historic Fairmount Park 2010CA2/20/10827948:3126:29
32nd Annual Mission Inn Run 2009 - RUN-5KCA11/8/095246295412:0837:43
Citrus Heritage Run Riverside 2009 - RUN 5KCA9/26/09105310412:0337:28
Corona Del Mar 28Th Annual Scenic 5K - Run -5K (8:20am Start)CA6/6/0912064769014:0543:48
Run Through Redlands 2009 - Run-Half-MarathonCA4/19/093316746812:512:48:30
Riverside Raincross 5K 2009CA2/21/092110723910:5834:05

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