Friday, June 8, 2012

mean green day #5

This moring I woke up in a hotel in downtown San Diego, without my Juiceman II.  I went for a workout and found a couple pieces of fruit in the fitness room.  I'm heading down to the convenience store in the hotel to grab a Naked Juice.  I'll see what they have, but most of them seem pretty light on nutrition compared with the juiced Kale.  But at least they don't have celery.

Truth: Yesterday I only had 1 juice.  My back was hurting so bad, I thought maybe I should take a break from the celery (in case it is the reason for my nerves being over-stimulated).  I ate 2 potato (fried corn shell) tacos for lunch with a raisin-bran muffin on the road while driving down to San Diego.  Also I ate a mini Clif bar (crunchy peanut butter).  Also, when I got here, I took 2 Aleve.  We went out for Sushi for dinner and I even ate dessert (fried peanut butter & jelly sandwich with ice cream).  I took 2 more Aleve this morning before my workout.

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