Saturday, April 13, 2013


This past week, we found a new karaoke spot!  We got to sing the night away with a group of Filipinos at Noypitz in Glendale.  There were a variety of songs, including some in their native language, old crooner tunes, and modern stuff by Gaga and Justin Timberlake.  A crowd favorite was Whitney Houston.

It brought to my mind the idea that singing is a part of the human condition, singing in groups is an activity that human beings have been doing since the dawn of civilization.  There's something deeply connecting about call-and-response in song.  Some of the songs I love the most are working songs.

One other singer that night admitted to us after closing that she used to be terrified of singing in public and her husband encouraged her to overcome her fear.  She lit up that stage like a 20 year old, despite being 71.  She said "we've just extended our lifespan" by doing something so fun and freeing: singing!

There's a person at my school who made a face like he had just smelled poo when I admitted to loving karaoke.  It's not rocket science, I heard a recording of myself, and true to form I did not sound like a professional singer.  But that's the beauty of amateur performance, it's raw and uncoached.

What I love is the ability to express what I'm feeling using songs.  If real life were a musical, and we were all dancing under bright lights, I am glad to be a part of the ensemble.  In a directorial role, I would be sure that anyone who wanted to make a joyful noise gets a turn at the mic.  Sing it loud, sing it proud!

Thanks to Noypitz and the Big Fish for giving me a voice in our community.  I know not all of my notes sound exactly like Diana Ross or Al Green, but I love singing it with feeling and jazzing it up with a bit of dancing.  With the Pointer Sisters singing backup, I said "Jump (For My Love)" and I meant it.

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