Wednesday, July 6, 2016

2016 Summer Garden

This summer, I am being of service to a fellow seed-saver.  I learned that heirloom seeds are those which are passed through generations of people.  I am growing a few varieties of heirloom plants this year for a friend who rides the train with us.

I did successfully raise one plant of Tomato "Black Prince" and one plant of Tomato "Cosmic Eclipse."  I believe I have one plant of Pepper "Sweet Salad" and one plant of Zucchini "Dark Star."  I was pretty confident in my ability to get these varieties from seed through one generation to produce more seeds, but with last week's heat wave I'm having trouble keeping the squash alive.  Some kind of tomato is sprouting alongside one of my peppers and they are all rapidly ougrowing their containers.

I also planted the California poppies way too close together and none of them flowered.  The Marigolds flowered and made seeds already.  I planted them to keep the other plants safe, as they are said to help tomatoes, peppers and squash.  The Dill totally bolted and is flowering now.  The cosmos sprung up but might not flower because they are so deprived of water and cool temps.  The Chard is FINALLY flowering, after what feels like many years.

Tell us what you're growing in your garden.  No matter how small of a space you have, you can still collect the most renewable resource we have: sunlight.  Turn solar energy into sugars and vitamins using plants and their metabolism.  Convert carbon dioxide into oxygen to improve the air quality.  A xeroscaped lawn and brick patio is a blank canvas for container gardening.  Your neighbors will thank you for it, mine do!

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