Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What Did I Learn From Writing About Mental Health?

I promise that this post will be brief.  Really, do you believe me?  Well, lets get on with this and you will see.  Over the past month, or should I say in the month of May, I wrote two blog posts regarding mental awareness.  The first was about the realization of the physiological responses and the consequences of not responding to them.  While the second was about the role that mental dialogue plays in the success of reducing stress while elevating the health and wellness of ourself and others around us on a daily basis.

I decided to update my "mike's mental awareness journey" page with two posts regarding the process of writing the two posts for this site.  Specifically, what did I learn from these two blog posts -- research, watching, reading the content to assembling them for you to read.  Here is the first post -- click here -- which is brief.  

Really, I have over the last few years really started to understand the importance of noticing when I am stressed and the physiological responses -- my response toward it.  Further, how to deal with stress is centered around getting control of your mind.  I have learned that the best way for me to do so is to start doing job or chore around the house.  That is:  take the stress and the physiological response and utilize that energy to complete a job that I dislike doing -- taking out the trash, dishes, laundry, etc.

These methods work well when you are at home or at work for diffusing stress.  But what about if you are on vacation?  Or at a family event?

On these occasions, the role of forming a positive mental dialogue is critical.   In fact, for me this played out in reality last weekend while on vacation.  You can read about that experience here.  My wife and I were able to turn a terrible situation into a positive one by changing our mindset -- our mental dialogues.

I hope that these two blog posts help encourage you to look within yourself for the signs of stress.  Further, toward changing the self-defeating thoughts into positive constructive thoughts to create a mental dialogue which allows you to accomplish goals that have been obstacles since.

Until next time, Have a great day!

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