Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What Is "Mike's Mental Awareness Journey" blog?

Hello, this is Mike from Kaiserwellnesscenter.  Today, I want to tell you about a blog that I have been writing for the past couple of years (actually a little longer).  The blog is called "Mike's Mental Awareness Journey."  Why am I introducing a blog that has been going on for so long?  Well, here is the reasons.

Initially, I started writing the blog to document my mental health and physical health from a general and more personal angle.  Remember, that here at Kaiserwellnesscenter, we aim to educate the public about science and health/wellness.   We want to "debunk" and "demystify" science that is confusing and disorienting to the general public.  How are we different from other sites?  Well, to take a little bit of a "tangent" off from my blog, Kaiserwellnesscenter members are motivated to talk about themselves and their improvements in their lives.

Too often, I will read a blog post on health and wellness and think "where does this person live?" -- "in a perfect world or what?"  Or have you ever had the thought . . . "That is great that she or he can run 5 miles a day, but I am struggling on getting out of the house to run a mile."  Well, if you have then our website is for you.  Moreover, most websites are motivated by profit.  Not us.  We are strictly doing this work to show that there exists normal people who have degrees and are struggling day to day or month to month with optimizing their health.  As we say about education, "education is a lifelong process."

Back to my blog.  I wanted to share some struggles and obstacles in my life in hope that my story would help inspire you (the reader) to overcome obstacles that are present in your own life.  I believe that everyone should be able to live a healthy and happy life.  Of course, you will run into difficulties and setbacks (who cares).  The great aspects about these setbacks is that you have your whole life ahead of you to improve.   Is this starting to sound like an "info-mercial?  I feel like I am talking like an advertisement.  I do not mean to.

We just want the world to be more informed about science and how science plays into the health and wellness of the public at large on a daily basis.  For example, did you know that 75% of all U.S. citizens that tried to enlist in the U.S. Army in 2010 were disqualified for obesity.  That is right, 75% were disqualified for carrying too much weight around.  Here is the video from General Hurtling of the United Stated Army:

I would suggest watching the entire video (around 16 minutes).  Now, imagine what the downstream medical costs are for those obese people.  Obesity leads to diabetes which can run onto become cardiovascular disease.  Time to get moving folks.  How much do you have to move?  The time per week varies -- usually around 150 minutes -- 30 minutes Monday through Friday.

If you go to our website, there is a page that has a bunch of links to articles, videos, etc about getting up and moving.  Fitness is the topic of the page.  But what if you are not the type of person to run in the gym or run with a group?  No worries.  As I write on my blog, the most important learning experience that each of us can attain is to learn about ourselves.  Usually when I say this to people, I get a blank stare.  Learning about your body is extremely important.  So important that you will find that learning about yourself is the main obstacle toward success.

Next, how do I find this out about myself?  As you can read over the last couple of years on my mental awareness journey, the learning process is continuous.  Over time, your metabolism will change as will your exercise habits.  As you age, your body might start to develop a thirst for other types of exercise.  An example of this is where I stopped training in Jiu Jitsu and moved toward increasing my time spent on my road bicycle.  Anyways, I have carried on about this too much.

Remember, taking time out of the day to improve your health should not be a major issue for yourself.  How do I know?  Well, I have incorporated my workout into my commute to work.  I ride a bicycle to the train station and from the station to my work.  Then I repeat the reverse on the way home.  I arrive feeling much better at the office and at home.  There are other stories about engaging in active transportation on my mental awareness journey blog -- see Carlos's Journey.

I just wanted to introduce you to a blog that I have been writing off and on for the past couple of years.  I do not post frequently (as in every two week or a month).  Why? I believe that progress takes time and some immediate improvements might just be "noise" (as we say in science when evaluating data).  Real improvements take time and realization through optimization on behalf of our efforts.

Check out "Mike's Mental Awareness Journey" and enjoy the other content on the site too.   Click here for the menu page of my journey.  We will be posting more frequently on this blog post site from now on -- I promise.  I have spoken with other authors/members of Kaiserwellnesscenter and they agree -- more content on the blog.  Look forward to seeing this soon.

Have a great and healthy day!

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