Sunday, April 17, 2016

Active Transportation Implies That Every Bicycle Trip Is A Commuting Trip!

My name is Mike Kaiser and I am part of  You may find my information on our website under 'bio'.  This blog has been neglected to a certain extent.  Over the next few months, Kayla Kaiser and I will work to turn that around.  Part of the purpose of Kaiserwellnesscenter is to educate the public about health and wellness and the science behind the concepts.  Additionally, we seek to include demystifying science behind consumer products, and fitness concepts and trends.  Are we experts in all areas?  No.  Are we educated?  Yes.  Our staff consists of educated people in their respective areas.  We all bring various contributions to the table.  Let me give you an example of this.

Over the last few years, Kayla and I have been riding a bicycle and train to work.  How do we do this?  Well, the concept is called "blended commuting" -- due to the combination of riding a bicycle to the train station and then a train into the valley.  Follow this by a short bicycle ride to the university at which we work.  Kayla and I are concerned about our health and the health of the population in th midst of a growing obesity problem.  We have been engaging in "active transportation" over the last few years.  As a result, we have started a non-profit 501(c)3 organization (see to educate the public about bringing bicycles on board the public trains.  Why do I carry on about active transportation?

One reason is that we all are faced with various trips during the day.  How we choose to travel around is grounded in a choice of mode of transportation.  How do you travel around town?  Do you walk?  Do you ride a bicycle?  What are your limitations toward engaging in active modes of transportation?  What are the real barriers?  Some are legitimate.  Some are fictitious.  Regardless, how we view trips actually influences how we engage in active transportation.  Here is an article I wrote on my own blog site:

The purpose of the blog post was to challenge the public to re-think our idea of commuting.  Why do we let our children walk or bicycle to the park?  Why do we then tell them that in order to commute to school, we must drive?  Where is the line between bicycling as a child and obtaining a driver's license at a teenager?  Why do we choose to engage in driving rather than riding a bicycle?  I am guilty of driving too sometimes - I admit.

The point is that we need to instill the value of walking and biking whenever possible.  Even to engage in active transportation during our commuting.  In the coming days, I will write more about this subject and others.  Leave a comment if you have a topic that you would like covered.



P.S. I write about my own "mental health" and "physical health" at the following page on our website  Remember, each of us deserves to live a healthy and happy life.

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