Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Extreme Personality Traits And Making Small Changes

Are you a person who has extreme tendencies?

What are extreme tendencies?

What is extreme behavior?

The answer to these questions is centered around the behavior of focusing your attention or behavior (habit) on one task and going all in.  An example is of the disease of alcoholism.  Typically, as the disease progresses, the whole behavior becomes centered around the use of alcohol.  Extreme behavior is not limited to the use of drugs and alcohol.  In fact, many people suffer from being a 'workaholic' -- spending an unusually large amount of time at work.  Work becomes your life.

Why do I mention this behavior?

After returning from vacation, I had a short break from writing blogs on various sites -- which was much needed.  Over the vacation, I realized that I had taken some time off from checking in with my journal on the site "Kaiserwellnesscenter.com".  Periodically, I write about my mental journey.  These electronic journal entries are different from the learned "mental awareness" articles found on this blog site.  The last time I checked in was a few months ago.

Therefore, I wrote another entry which can be accessed by clicking -- HERE.

I hope that you find useful content on the journal entry that will help you move toward a healthier lifestyle.  In the coming week, I should be continuing the "Anti-Aging Skin Series" with the ingredients from Jergen's Skin Firming Lotion (as promised).

With that being said, I will finish the next post to publish soon.  Have a great day!

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